A Year In Review

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Leader Communications

The Leader Communications Team equips church leaders with tools, resources and information for effective ministry.

Member Communications

The Member Communications Team created an array of inspiring and informational multimedia content targeted to church members.

Seeker Communications

From a new audio magazine to TikTok videos and an interactive photo challenge, the Seeker Communications Team is reaching a multilingual audience of spiritual seekers.

UM News

The UM News Team provides concise, accurate and up-to-date news about what's happening in the denomination around the world.

Local Church Services and Training

United Methodist Communications equips church leaders to communicate effectively through the provision of training and local church services.

Global Communcations

With the use of communications technologies, United Methodist Communications is helping to support and grow the church globally.

Marketing, Advertising, PR & Giving

Advertising campaigns, social media, publicity and other marketing initiatives helped spread the message of the UMC and its ministries.

Technology and Customer Experience

United Methodist Communications works to stay up-to-date in an ever-changing technological environment.

Production Services

Whether in the studio, on-site or online, our Production Team works with partners across the church to take care of their production needs.

The Power of Communication

Newsletter Subscribers Newsletter Subscribers


newsletter subscribers

Web Page Views Web Page Views

16.5 million

web page views

Social Media Followers Social Media Followers

1.72 million

social media followers

Local Churches Served Local Churches Served


local churches served

Church Leaders Trained Church Leaders Trained


church leaders trained

Advertising Impressions Advertising Impressions

463.9 million

advertising impressions

14.6 million

web page views

1.67 million

social media followers


local churches served


church leaders trained

459 million

advertising impressions


newsletter subscribers